Port Royal Naples Florida: All You Need To Know

A luxury planned community that is located within Naples Florida, but very much fosters its sense of elite community, Port Royal Naples Florida
isn’t a consideration for individuals on a budget but is one of the first answers for anyone looking for what true luxury living has to offer in the state of Florida.

Great Location
Located just south of downtown Naples, the location offers convenience and outstanding location while also fostering a local area that clearly emphasizes prestigious living. Known for luxury living and truly remarkable mansions even by wealthy Florida standards, Port Royal wins especially high marks for its beautiful white sand beaches on the Gulf Coast, yacht friendly build, and top-notch elegant planning.

Deep water canals are carefully constructed throughout Port Royal giving plenty of space for boats, yachts, and stunning water views from virtually every property whether directly on the Gulf coastline or a little bit further in among the canals. These are the types of views that many people travel great distances to see or can only dream of having, but they are available right there in your backyard.

Old Street Naples & the historic 3rd Street South is located a mere 3-5 minute drive away, meaning Port Royal provides residents full access not only to all of their private elegant luxury accommodations but also an easy and quick trip to some of the best of what the popular city of Naples has to offer.

That is the definition of near perfect location. Shopping here includes fine fashion shops, high-end art galleries, antique stores, boutique stores, and more. There’s a reason this area is famous well outside the city limits of Naples and that downtown area is, once again, just a few minutes away from Port Royal’s front gates.

The Community
Kept to a limit of roughly 500 homes, Port Royal offers a combination of beauty, community, and privacy for everyone. The waterways allow plenty of options for accessing the Gulf of Mexico without having to deal with bridge traffic and even the water within the canals offer some of the finest fishing in Florida – and that is saying something!

There’s no denying that Port Royal offers some of the most exquisite properties you will find anywhere in Florida. Prices on available properties can range from as low as $3 million for someone looking for something small (2500 square feet) up to $80 million for true opulent pickings on what the community has to offer (25,000 square feet). If you wish to know more about Port Royal then contact Shannon for more information.

This exclusive community boasts being home to a wide variety of impressive and distinguished individuals who value the good things in life as well as privacy such as professional athletes, CEOs, businessmen, and even celebrities. This is just a small sample of the many different types of high achieving individuals who call Port Royal home.

The Port Royal Club
Deeded members are part of the Port Royal Club, a popular spot for socializing and relaxation that is located on 400 feet of top-notch beachfront property. Widely recognized as a private club that sets the standard for what private clubs should be, just a short list of the luxuries include 9 top of the line tennis courts, an Olympic sized swimming pool (heated of course), private beach access, as well as both formal and informal dining options available.

No one should be surprised when learning that the exercise center here is state of the art and features only the finest modern equipment while also having massage therapists and personal trainers on hand to meet each and every one of your specific fitness needs.

A True Water Front Paradise
When you look at the entire package, it is hard to think of Port Royal as anything but true paradise. Enjoying the best of tropical climate that Florida has to offer, each home built with a great water view, enjoying the absolute benefits of privacy and a gated luxury community that comes with club membership while also just a stone’s throw away from the best that an exceptional city has to offer…there’s a lot to love about what this gem of a luxury community has to offer. Contact a reliable real estate agent if you wish to purchase a home in this paradise.

Multi-million dollar mansions, a perfect climate, one of the most renowned community members-only clubs in the world, and three minutes from one of the most popular wells to do tourist destinations in the state. That’s a lot that Port Royal has going for it, and would make the original pirate and privateer residents of the original Port Royal in Jamaica jealous with envy!

The street names embrace the history of the community’s namesake with names like Treasure Cove or The French Embassy. The signs are artistically carved from wrought iron to be beautiful and fun yet keep that feel of the old-school Caribbean from pirating days. Multiple fountains and garden work throughout the community keep the place looking its best no matter what corner you are going to visit.

This is a tropical paradise that does not apologize for being opulent, does not apologize for being elegant, and is there as a reward for a lifetime’s of hard work and success and those who call this place home are sure to love every single moment of it.

In Conclusion
Port Royal is much more than a planned community, it is a clear blueprint for what is possible when luxury, beauty, and perfect planning are combined to create a truly exquisite community head and shoulders above even many other luxury gated communities. The location is stunning, the community was planned with the long-term future in mind, and there was no compromise.

While there are many gated communities in Florida, many planned communities, you are not going to have an easy time finding any that compare to what Port Royal has to offer. The appeal of this place is undeniable as international interest in the area is common. There’s no denying that even among the affluent this is a location that sticks out as offering a one of the best place.