Luxury Canalside Living In Port Royal – Naples, Florida

Naples in Florida boasts some of the most luxurious homes in some of the most desirable neighborhoods in the United States. Naples, which has consistently been voted on the best vacation spots in the U.S. has also received accolades as one of the best places to retire – and one of the best to raise a family. The city is the jewel in the crown of what has been called Florida’s ‘Paradise Coast’ – and those who spend any time within its environs will quickly find out why this is true.

For those that are searching for property investment – either having a base for a holiday home or as a permanent residence to enjoy the state’s 300 days of sunshine per year will be amazed at the choice of ultra luxurious homes that can be found in and around Naples. However, there is one community that has remained a firm favorite with investors ever since it was conceived as one of the premier waterfront estates in 1959 – that is Port Royal.

When the homes on the prestigious estate were first designed and built the developer John Glen Sample said of Port Royal – this is a ‘showplace of casual elegance.’ Today that guiding principle is echoed in the incredible surroundings and beauty of Port Royal. It is epitomized by the stunning architecture of the homes which the lucky few will be privileged to call their own.

One of the undeniable attractions of Port Royal Naples is the sheer enjoyment of canalside living. For boating enthusiasts, this is close to an ideal community as can be found anywhere in the U.S. The proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means that every home in the neighborhood is ideally situated to allow the boating enthusiast to enjoy a lifestyle that is filled with sun, sand – and perhaps most importantly – sea. The choice of beachfront or canalside homes also means that the property investor can decide on what sort of property best suits their lifestyle.

However, it is the joy of the canals that makes Port Royal such an attractive proposition for property investment. These canals were explicitly designed to allow for the accessible entrance, exit, and mooring of large sailboats and motorized boats. It is one of the great pleasure of living in this community that not only are the warm waters of the gulf particularly inviting for boating enthusiasts and sport fishers – but that flora and fauna of the area remain so intriguing.

The community, which is named after the port city in Jamaica which became a byword for luxury and opulence today still pays homage to that tradition. Names such as Man of War Cove and Spyglass Lane lend life living in Port Royal a particular spice – and provide the community with an identity that immediately sets it apart from its neighbors. This is exclusivity at its most attractive. The multitude of yachts and boats moored in an area beneath overhanging palms give Port Royal an air of tropical indulgence – away from the cares of the modern world. However, the proximity of some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities in the state allow Port Royal to boast an air of refinement that compliments its heritage.

Another attraction of living in Port Royal is the incredible Port Royal Club. This member only provides residents with a destination for socializing and simply enjoying the amenities and entertainment possibilities available. All with the sight of the gulf and subject to those cooling saltwater breezes that make life in Naples so attractive. Membership of the club allows access to some fantastic dining opportunities, a beautiful beach and the pure pleasure of enjoying a gathering space where those who own property in Port Royal can further capitalize on the exquisite sense of community and pride that there is in calling Port Royal home.

For those investing in a waterside home in Port Royal there is an undeniable please of being part of, yet apart from the hustle and bustle of modern life. One of the ways this is reflected in the Port Royal lifestyle is through the easy access to some of the most unspoiled beaches in the United States. The choice is almost limitless. Whether one wants to stroll and collect shells, dip into the warm waters of the gulf, sunbath or wander the paths that meander rolling dunes, there will always be a beach that suits the tastes and interests of each. However, for those who want to enjoy waterside dining or the pure joy of beautiful weather and salt air with a cocktail in hand, there are also numerous choices. This is a place that will provide everyone with a lifestyle that is tailored to their unique requirements – all in the map of luxury.

The properties that are available in Port Royal range from smaller options of around 3,000 square foot to ultra luxurious property options because they may spread beyond 15,000 square feet. Many of the homes today still boast the original designs which were established in the 1950s. However, in some cases, these are rapidly being replaced by houses that have been newly built from the ground up. Many of these newer homes are built on many stands where the original homes were built. There is an enormous number of architectural styles to choose from, but they all have one single thing in common – a commitment to beauty, excellence, and a prestige approach to life in Port Royal.

Port Royal rewards those who have come to expect only the best that life has to offer. It is not only the magnificent homes and neighborhood design that makes a living here so attractive. There is something more. That is a sense of exclusive community. Add to that the undeniable pleasure of enjoying one of Florida’s most beautiful destinations – Naples and a plethora of activities and it soon becomes clear why homes in Port Royal remain in demand.